Laying The Framework

Being that fashion is cyclical; trends and fads consistently come and go. Whether clothing, jewelry or shoes; certain pieces have remained constants decade after decade.  Hues will vary, fabrics will have seasonality and designers will definitely vanish from Earth, but these items have become the framework of an unwavering wardrobe.

What you find here will NOT be labeled as a wardrobe essential list, as every piece will not work for everyone…Remember this when reading all of the lists of fashion “must-have” or “this season’s essentials”.  Nonetheless, when evaluating this list, consider what you have, what you want, and what is actually needed. Each item should be edited with the personal touch of what your style needs, lifestyle requirements, and overall interest.

In a nutshell, this should be used as the first step in assessing the inventory currently in your wardrobe as well as a shopping guide for filling the discovered holes. Enjoy the most recent post here…

The Stylish Frolicker

Merriam-Webster defines the verb frolic as the act of amusing oneself: to play and run about happily. Since moving to New York, there is nothing that I enjoy more than a random frolic through the city. This love of exploring my surrounding started in my neighborhood and grew to a foundness to explore any and all environments if find myself dwelling. Here lies a visual presentation of stylish frolickers that I've stopped with unique street style. Enjoy the most recent post here…