How I Built Abs In 31 Days

End Results: September 1, 2018

Here is my why...

When I was younger, I used to have abs, but a month ago I realized that I don't (read full details about why I started this mission here).

May 2001 August 2018

For the 31 days of August, I have adjusted my food intake in an effort to achieve my long lost abs. My regular workouts would change slightly, naturally more core focused, but adjusting my diet was the main challenge. Because I am not a self-appointed “foodie” and do monitor what and how much I consume, I thought this process would be a piece of cake (pun intended). But it wasn’t. It was extremely difficult and at least 100 times a day I would scream a loud …” what the fuck can I eat?!?!”

Here is my how...

Diet adjustment:

  • Consumed as little sugar and sodium as possible

  • Both are in EVERYTHING and impossible to eliminate 100%. I have a crazy sweet tooth for baked goods, not candy or soda.

  • NO alcohol...well not "no" per se

  • I was allowed to nurse a glass of wine but only in specific settings. I thought this was going to be super difficult, but over the month, I only had 1 glass. As a weekly treat, I could have a vodka & soda. With extra lime, it's actually my go-to summer cocktail of choice.

  • NO cheese

  • I love cheese…almost as much as I love my mother. You can find at least 2 cheese sticks in my work bag at the start of every morning.

  • NO sandwiches or wraps – WAY too many useless carbs for this goal

  • During warm months, I can live off of deli sandwiches and Subway wraps. They are quick to consume, mobile, and taste delicious.

  • NO fried food

  • I’m not a fried food eater (besides my Pop’s fried catfish…I’ll NEVER turn that down), but am a heavy lover of French fries and donuts.

Once I finalized this plan, I realized that this would be a true test of will power, discipline, and endurance to fight for what I wanted.

Here are my learnings...

  • I am not as strong as I thought. I cheated. But it was worth it…I needed those 2 donuts that one day!!! I paid for it though with a massive sugar rush headache in the middle of Wall St. It made me dizzy to where I had to sit and chug water. Just 2 delicious regular glazed donuts, but that horrible feeling has forever altered my draw to them. So, I guess it was worth it in the long run!

  • Secondly, there’s a lot of shit in the “healthy” food we consume – I learned this once I began reading and Googling the ingredients on labels; especially in Greek yogurt. Now with a broader understanding of how the various elements in food works, I will grocery shop with much more caution. Eating this way has drastically increase my strength, stamina and speed. I have been a BEAST in the gym and I like it! My 1.25 miles run to the gym used to take me 12 minutes, now I can get there in 9. I’ve increase my squat/lunge weight from 115 lbs to 155 lbs. Yep…Beast!

  • Lastly, Instagram is an amazing research tool. I used the platform to find the most detailed ab workouts. I saved the best and created daily workouts in a saved folder. Since I’ve done the work already, I’m creating a free downloadable guide with the exercises that have worked best for me. I even for a link to a YouTube that breaks down the entire core into quadrants to dissect how each exercise effects each muscle group.

Most of what I’ve learned, I will apply to my eating and workout habits going forward. I now have a heighten interest in body sculpting and will continue to share my findings. My cravings for donuts have subsided, but I just discovered my neighborhood bakery’s bread pudding. This could be problematic being that it may be the best dessert I have ever had.

Beyonce’ phrased it perfectly: “I dream it, I work hard, I grind ‘til I own it” and “ I like cornbread & collard greens, bitch”. No more “used to”, I have abs and I came to SLAY!!!!

Stay tuned for Renee’s Ab Day Workout Guide!!!

Peace Out,

M. Renee

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