This Is Why I Run

Running hasn’t always been my activity of choice. This romance was off to a rocky start back in 1992 when I joined the JV track team; I was in the 8th grade. I sucked horribly. My mother still loves to tell the tale of the time I feel asleep during my 1st meet and missed my event. I literally hid in fear, then fell asleep while hiding…under the bleachers!!!

What I would later learn, is that running is so much more than quickly moving your legs. It’s the ability to rhythmically move all four limb,s in sync, while maintaining a complimentary breathing pattern. Once I discovered this and reached my first runner’s high, I was hooked.

The runner’s high has been studied for decades to understand the natural chemical reactions that occur. The result show that the endorphins released have been liken to the euphoric effects of morphine. My runs have became my therapy sessions and my talks with God. They provided me with a feeling of clarity and clam. Selecting music with the perfect beat has always been necessary factor. Again, it’s about moving to the rhythm. When you master this, you feel more like you are dancing than running and are able to achieve that high a lot smoother. I first experienced this while running the dykes at Clemson with a mixtape in my Walkman with Jay Z’s Blueprint on Side A and Prodigy’s H.N.I.C on the other. I figuratively and literally “let my tape rock til my tape popped.” This is why I started running.

Besides maintaining my mental health, I especially enjoy how it makes my body feel and look. For me, the objective is not to be skinny, but to feel strong and powerful and sexy. Because every muscle in your body is used harmoniously, they tighten up perfectly together. It is like having an elastic band around you forcing proper posture which leads to higher confidence and an overall satisfaction in your appearance. A strong body is the quintessential fashion essential. This is why I continue to run.

My mother is 74 and can run 2 miles like a champ. When I go home, she is my workout partner and is quick to pinch me if I dare question her ability to keep up. She eats like a growing teenage boy yet keeps a beautiful size 10/12 frame and wears heels almost daily. She is under NO prescription medication. Looking nice at my age is an added perk of having an active lifestyle. However, feeling great in my later years is the ultimate goal. This is why I will always run.

Because of these noted reason, Halls of Style now hosts the Run w/ Renee Social Running Experience. It is my way of sharing something that I love so much in a fun and informative manner. We have merged a curated playlist with intense beats that are easy to move with, frequent breaks for body strengthening exercises to provide a total body workout, and end with a quaint and balanced brunch. Whether you’re a seasoned runner, want to tone your body, or seeking an active way to socialize and listen to great music, you should come Run w/ Renee! If you ever wondered, now you know, This Is Why I Run. Why do you?


M. Renee

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