To be Young, Gifted, and Black : Fly Black Women in Dynamic Black Coats

The black coat could be the most mass-produced winter necessity. Because of this, they all tend to look alike and are a great challenge to rock stylistically. Just because it arctic out, that does not mean you want to roam the streets looking like a licorice dipped marshmallow. Correct?!?

I was inspired by my super-fly friend, Ms. Evelyn Rivera, who looked effortlessly warm and dope, leaving the gym and running errands on a bone-chilling Saturday afternoon. As we were leaving, I just had to snap a photo as she told me how she’s had this Norma Kamali “Sleeping Bag” coat since 1994…23 YEARS my friends!!! This fact further supports the Yves Saint Laurent quote, “fashion fades, but style is eternal.”

After a great workout, we parted ways and as I ran my errands, I kept running into other women, like Evelyn, who made a black coat, their personal style statement. They were literally walking around looking like beautiful black unicorns and I could not resist stopping them too!


Ev’s coat is on the pricer side today (anywhere from $600 to $1800) but her 1994 investment of $300 and it’s longevity proves that that was money well spent. She is the personification of one who builds a wardrobe that fits HER lifestyle. In doing so, you will not have to worry about being “in style” for you have a curated wardrobe collection that IS style! Evelyn started as a workout buddy, however over the years has server as a style icon for me.


Young Ms. Xayeniz is just to cool…and she knows it! I accosted her while she was peacefully gathering her weekly groceries. Another effortless look with her TopShop acquisition from last spring. Her fixation with all things vinyl & patent leather drew her to the coat and her ability to mix this texture with layers of layers is perfection.


Ms. Britt is nothing but adorable with a hint of funk in her single-button AllSaints wool coat. Admittedly an investment piece, but she realized its value in its timelessness and classic lines. Her overall look is very cool, very New York and is an easy transition from daytime frolic to nighttime bar hops. Plus, PLEASE peep the detailed arms and that hair flip under her hipster knit cap. She dared not to stay in one style lane, but picked elements from several to create her own.

It just so happens that the coats that caught my eyes most, were adorned by all shades of beautiful Black woman. So, to my queens, as we pause to remember and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I also pause to celebrate you!

What a great gift to be YOUNG, GIFTED and BLACK!!!

Cheers to 2018…...Happy New Year!!!

M. Renee

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