80's Baby

Proudly born in 1981, but when it comes to my sense of style, you would think I was raised by the 70’s! I find comfort in the unstructured silhouettes, flowy fabrics, and high waisted everything; plus, polyester has NEVER done anything wrong to me!

But more than just style, this period was a fun and expressive era in fashion. It took the best trends of the 60’s then over exaggerated them. Besides this, it reflected the tone of the neo-feminist movement with themes on par with nature and goddesses. This was a period where women were burning their bras and screaming to be valued. Breaking the perceptions of social “norms” and being free to be free was on the agenda of most women. Indeed, the “Flower Power” movement was in full affect!

The newfound popularity of pants in womenswear proved this very point. Executive women wore pant suits to the office and everyday moms wore jeans at home. Unlike decades before, women could wear anything they wanted which became such a revolutionary moment in fashion and society at large. Hemlines were super high and super low. Daisy dukes, skin tight jeans and full palazzo pants were all the rage. Though the ladies were loving the freedom of pants, the glamour of dresses never left. But this time it was dresses with extreme drama; completely bare backs or plunging V-Necks. The more risque the dress, the better!

Besides clothing, there was a shift in accessories and hair. Many opted to wear their hair in its natural state while rocking chunky accessories, jewelry made of distressed metals and Gypsy-like colorful stones. The only rule of this time was to be daring....to be bold...to express yourself!!!

Personally, chocolaty browns, bohemian maxi dresses, and bell bottoms have always been key staples in my wardrobe. I recently teamed up with the lovely photographer, Rachel Naomi** to showcase some of my favorite end of summer looks…

This vintage baby blue maxi dress has to be my all-time favorite dress. It’s a re-work that I picked up from Shareen Vintage long before they went all bridal.

To me, this is such a spectacular piece. For the 6 years that I've owned it, I've been too afraid to wear it. It has been hanging in my room as artwork. Just imagine my zest to wear it for the very first time in a cave and on top of a waterfall!!!

For the next look, both of these pieces are "vintage inspired". The top is F21 and jeans H&M...but the overall look just works for this vibe.

Glasses and jewelry were from a street vendor and the handbag was inherited from my beloved Abulita. Mustard Yellow + Red + Turquoise + Melanin = Yes Please!!! I could easily add a corduroy jacket and ankle booties and step right into fall.

Lastly, I wanted to go playful. Paring a bold colored sequins tank with a short/suspender 1-piece accomplished the goal!

To accessorize, I went for a "mix-match" look with earrings. One was a simple gold stud and the other was a single long strip of chocolate leather paired with a gold link chain. The overall look was a little edgy, a little playful and 100% me!!!

Bon Voyage summer maxis & shorts...Hello fall jackets & knee boots. Regardless of the season, this 80's baby will always rock her 70's flair!!!


M. Renee

** For more dope visuals from Rachel Naomi, visit her site here.

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