Spring Mix : How We Style "Pattern Mixing" for Spring 2017

It is a blistering 30° today, yet just 2 days ago it was a delightful 60°. Even with mounds of snow still on the ground, I can’t help but to get excited that it is officially spring! Clearly the weather can mix its patterns up, so why can’t you do the same? The trend of pattern mixing is nothing new and is always a hot topic every season. The notion looks cool and fun, but can it really be translated to real life without looking like a costume?

Recently, I ran into these ladies that perfectly mastered this artful mix in a realistic and creative way.

Let’s meet the lovely ladies...

Meet Shanti: Director of Member Relations for a NYC Social Club

Having a corporate role in which she is constantly client facing, there could be pressure of having to represent her organization in how she dresses. However, she did not allow the climate to stifle her zest. Besides playing with prints, she also layered in a mix in fabrics and textures. Here, she chose a dress that mixes a patterned bottom trim, a large polka dotted body with a sateen finish, and an embroidered illusion neckline. Though it sounds like a lot going on in this dress, the color scheme is muted, therefore the different textures were really able to make a powerful statement.

Meet Andrea: Wife and New Mommy

She steered clear from trying to be too “matchy” with the colors. More so, focused on painting a cohesive story by playing in the same color family. Spring is a great time to shed some of the neutrals and grays of winter to embrace and have fun with bold colors and prints. Also, notice how she opted for a subtler pattern in the top with a more dynamic one in the bottom. Having both a busy top and bottom could be too overwhelming for any frame. She is proof that having a 6 month old nugget will not stop a woman with style.

Meet Vivien: Art Director representing artists in NY and Asia

With so much personality and so much flair, not only did she mix prints, she took it to another level by mixing styles. She took a bohemian style peasant top and paired it with an elevated sporty track pant. Navy was the common factor between both pieces, so the softness of the embroidery with the boldness of the neon orange stripe were the perfect complement to create a sweet and sassy look. The thin sequined scarf was the icing on the cake, but catching her in sandals while sitting amongst the snow was the perfect depiction of a spring mix!

These women represents us all; everyday women with everyday lives that yearn to stand out. These are three different women with three different types of styles. Regardless of your style of preference, just do it well! Keep a few of these pointers in mind and when it comes to patterns, you too will be adding a little spring mix to your wardrobe!


M. Renee


Now that we understand mixing prints, explore mixing your metallics too. Here is a daytime look from the other day when it was 60° and warm enough for merely a leather jacket and bare leg. Metallics are not just for nights, but a great way to shine just a little more throughout your day. For other ways to do this, check out styling tips here .

I would love to hear what you think of today's post and how you will be mixing it up for spring!

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