All Hail My Queen

On several occasions, I’ve spoken on my adoration for my mother; Christina Louisa Hall Williams, and this is another to add to that collection. My fondness for her is not solely rooted in her physical beauty, but also in her grace, her kindness, her strength and her ability to lead in the most gentle, yet persuasive manner.

So, when she told me that she would leave her predictable and structured life in Charleston to spend my 36th birthday with me, I had to take advantage of this time. I thought it necessary to slow down a little to show her that having her as my mother and role model, was the greatest gift God could have ever given me.

The physical distance and personal schedules makes it nearly impossible to get one-on-one time together. To celebrate this rarity, my birthday gift to her was to document this special event in a "Mommy-N-Me" photo shoot.

This visit, I felt a different connection to her this being that she was my age when she gave birth to me. At this point in her life, she was married with 3 kids and well me...I'm none of the above! Even with the different life trajectories we have chosen, there is no one that just gets me more than my mommy. Even our sense of style is the same. In the photos, I am wearing her blazer that is almost 40 years old!

I have to admit that she loves all her children equally, though I am sure she will confess to having the most fun with me! I get no greater joy than to make her laugh and smile. I am hoping to make this an annual project and continue to chronicle our journeys through life and style.

Whether your mother or mother-like figure, take the time to tell and show her what she means to you. We never know how long we will have the ones we love so honor of the adage of giving her flowers while she can still smell them.


Mommy and Me


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