Shining Everyday

Happy New Year my friends! Now that we are getting in the grove of the new year and still resolving to organize and maximize the items in our closets, let's not do away with the metallic pieces that were in high demand for the end of year holiday parties we just attended. The holidays have come and gone, but it’s not time to put them away. I challenge you to dare to shine everyday by adding your favorite metallic pieces into your daily mix. You can get the most out of each of your favorite holiday pieces while simultaneously adding a touch of glamour and creativity to your daytime style. I recently visited Strand bookstore in a tea-length silver metallic skirt with a chunky knit sweater, an oversized-boyfriend camo jacket (I clearly love a boyfriend anything. Check out other ways I did this look here) and lastly added a pair of slide-on sneakers. This particular look was not something I have tried before, but I really loved the end result. I felt very casual and comfortable, yet the pizzazz of the skirt elevated the super chill look. As an added bonus, I loved how the skirt's reflection danced in the sunlight as is frolicked around Union Square. I have to admit, I felt very fancy for a weekday! So, this post is dedicated to shining in silver EVERYDAY!!!

To avoid looking like a ''Saturday Night Fever'' reject, here are a few tips and tricks I find helpful. Because metallics naturally pop, just play it simple. If you are not sure how to begin, try pairing golds and bronzes with soft pink and other neutral colors. Or do like I did and pair silvers and pewters with black, grays or blues...think cooler tones.

Another subtle way is to explore different finishes. If a high gloss is too ostentatious for your personal taste, explore a matte options to soften the look for daytime. Vivian Lee did it perfectly by paring her matte palazzo pants with a baby blue button up shirt and oversized blazer. I especially love how she introduced a pop of color through her lipstick and flats.


When you find the balance that works best for you, try playing with bolder colors, textures and patterns. Besides clothing, festive shoes and accessories are also an easy and quick way to add a little shine to your daily styling. For example, vibrant shoes with a pair of basic jeans, a fitted white shirt and a blazer or jacket work for a polished on-the-go daytime look.



For your inspiration, here are a few other looks from bloggers that beautifully showcase how to rock daytime metallics...




Thank you for starting the year with me. I wish you all nothing but love, happiness, and great style in 2017. No matter what, never be afraid to shine bright like a diamond every single day!


M. Renee


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