His shirts are so sexy...on me!

Are you constantly drawn to his closet like a bee to honey? Do you often preform the greatest disappearing act with the contents of his wardrobe? Then you’re not alone. Most women love to wear their man’s shirts as a key style piece. At one point, his gear was only appropriate for lounging around the house. However now, wearing his clothes in the streets is ideal for layering and adding an artful display of masculine femininity. He may disagree, but according to you, all of his items are up for grabs. If you have ever thought that “his shirts are just SO sexy….on me!” then this post is for you!

Whether it is because you like his scent and like to think of him when you’re apart or simply because you appreciate the comfort of less restrictive clothing. The looseness and volume of his shirts perfectly off-set skinny jeans or a barely there bra top. See how Aaliyah did it here and Gwen did it here.

Try tying his button down shirt in the front for a flirty look...

or “borrow” his dad hat and pull the brim down low to showcase your inner boss!

There are numberless ways to incorporate wardrobe into yours. No matter how you choose to do so, if you think he’s fly, this is the most flattering way to let him know AND an extremely economical way to expand your wardrobe!!!

Here are a few more shoots from my recent “shopping spree”!

Shirt: Harlem Trading Company

Denim : J Crew

Sneakers: New Balance

Shirt: Trumaker

Top: Juicy Couture

Denim: Anthropologie

Just my thoughts. I'd love to hear yours. How do you incorporate menswear into your daily style?


M. Renee

Photos courtesy of Sean Pressley Photography

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