Spring Style: In Living Color

I had the pleasure of attending the I Need New Friends (#INNF) networking brunch this past Sunday in the picturesque Lower East Side...but what to wear?!? Since spring is only days away, I wanted to try something different stylistically and live in color! After all, I thought it proper to pay homage to the LES streetscape by dressing in alliance with the neighborhood's prestigious streetart.

I typically live in neutrals (check out a recent post on my go-to look here,) however this occasion and location was the perfect opportunity to showcase my new skirt from Anthropologie. I love that it's not only visually explosive with color, but uses bold patterns that flow in various directions. A mixture of different geometric shapes, floral patterns, vertical and horizontal lines, and every color in the rainbow. Individually, there is no rhythm or reason, but together they all make a dynamic and purposefully stylized story.

After the brunch, me and my new friend @PieceLoveAndSole took a moment to snap a few pics. Let me know what you think and how you plan to embrace spring...IN LIVING COLOR!!!

Peace out!


M. Renee

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