The New Normal Of Corporate Dressing

Though once thought of as stuffy, bland and lack luster, how we view career wear in 2016 is not what once it once was. Most companies have specific corporate restraints when it comes to how its employees, especially its executives, should dress. In lieu of these standards, there are methods of conforming while still expressing your personality and style.

We work so hard to become this modern day #Boss to get that great job or that next level promotion, but how do we perfect the package to reflect individuality and personality? Whoever said “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, was overly optimist in mankind and how we should see ourselves! I believe that there is a direct correlation in improving the visual impressions we make with increasing the probability of our professional successes. To put it simply... we perform better when we look better. Owning your corporate look demands respect, reflects confidence and conveys self-empowerment. After all, besides yourself, you also represent your title, your colleagues, and your overall organization. So, why not be the best representation you can be? In the series of The New Normal of Corporate Dressing, we will highlight individuals from various industries and various walks of life, who have all mastered the art of owning their corporate looks. Follow me on this journey as we explore #TheNewNormal!


M. Renee

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