Forever Young

Over the summer I wrote a post on how I mix vintage and modern pieces in Making Vintage New Again and thought that it is time for a fall installment. I love to use older pieces, but in new ways. This allows me to keep my vintage game modern and my style (much like me), forever young!

I am a big kid at heart and could not resist taking to the playground to show how I keep my style youthful. Today's weather is the reason I love fall styling…blue skies, a crisp temp of 50 degrees and a steady breeze that allowed my cape to frolic and play in the wind!

The navy cape is from my days at Juicy Couture. From the moment you put one on, a cape becomes a statement pieces, but will still serve several purposes in your wardrobe. You can easily wear it with anything from jeans to dresses. I partnered mine with flared legged jeans from H&M. I am a mere 5’2” and a voluminous cape can be overwhelming for my height and frame. To counteract this effect, I created balance and proportion at the ankle with a fuller pant leg.

I choose this 1970's stripped blouse because of the attached bow and how it gives off a “sexy secretary” vibe. The bow can be tied in many ways that will change the tone of an entire outfit. For this structured look, I buttoned the blouse to the top and tied the bow high on the neck. For a sexier look, try unbuttoning the top 2 or 3 buttons and do not tie a bow to unveil a little décolletage and cleavage!

To finish the look, I carried an oversized leather clutch from EveretteHandbags. Being that I wore a cape, a shoulder bag would only crumble the fabric under the arm and not work in any way. This clutch can be carried in the hands or under the arm.

Add a little rouge to the lips then checked myself in the mirror. The final product perfectly reflected my personal sense of style, made a statement, and did not have me looking like I was an extra from the movie Jackie Brown!!!

So how do you do it? How do you remix your vintage pieces so that YOUR style remains... Forever Young?!?!? Leave a comment and #VintageNewAgain on your IG pages.


M. Renee

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