The Go-To Look: Black & Ivory

Like most, mornings are way too frantic. Getting dressed and out of my apartment is the toughest challenge. Especially days like today, when I overslept an hour and a half leaving only 30 minutes to shower, dress and leave to meet with my first client. What shall I wear? My favorite go-to look…anything black & ivory!!! When styled right, it is never boring and is the original color blocking pallet. A timeless way to ensure a look that is always chic and effortless. The neutral colors makes for a perfect canvas to add a pop of color. Today, I did so by paring with gold jewelry (hoop earrings, link watch and my mom's vintage cuff), cognac knee boots in a kitten heel, and an ivory sweater coat that I thrifted back in 2003 for 99cents! I finished the look with auburn lips and my daily oversized black leather tote by Everette Handbags …voila, I’m done!

Once I made it out and on my way, a lady on the train told me I look like a sassy burglar…When I saw my reflection in the glass window, I thought, "I’ll take that as a compliment!!!"

Black and Ivory is always there for me in a pinch. How do you rock the look? Let me know and use the #BlackIvoryHOS on your Instagram to be featured on the Halls Of Style!!!


M. Renee

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