Making Vintage New Again

I absolutely love collecting vintage and vintage inspired pieces. Whether an inherited piece or a piece I acquired from one of my favorite boutiques or thrift stores; I am always on the hunt for that next great find yo make new again. I find these pieces so special because they are wearable art with a specific take on history and style that is often missing on the mall racks. Even the modern pieces that are inspired by a specific decade, they still seem to pay homage to that particular time period in fashion while taking advantage of modern advancement in fabrication to ensure a perfect fit.

Several of my clients also share this great past time but often run into the same dilemma: how to wear vintage clothing without looking like you just stepped off the set of Soul Train?!? It is a big challenge to incorporate great vintage finds into an everyday wardrobe without looking dated. Le struggle is real…. I've found a few ways to do so while remaining current and thought to share...

I inherited this lovely white and black tea-length skirt recently from my Auntie Olivia (she has made SEVERAL great contributions to my collection and I am forever grateful). The cut of this skirt is perfection: high-wasted and perfectly fitted all the way around. Because of the pleating around the waste, it gives the A-line shape maximum volume. Being that I am a statuesque 5’2” (and ¾), I could easily get lost in a skirt this full and at this mid-calf length. In an effort to combat this, I paired it with chunky heels and pinned my hair back into a chignon bun. This allowed the focus of the look to be the skirt. Adding a simple tank top that is tied in front and low cut in the back adds a bit of sexiness to a full coverage look.

When it comes to a recent piece that I picked up, I have to admit that these jeans are straight out of H&M! I love the funky-70’s inspired feel they give! Because of the cotton/poly/spandex blend, they hug your curves like none other. Like most hippy women, it is so hard to find jeans that fit your waste and hips…comfortably. I do not like to plug products, but these are dope and you should check them out here. Regardless of your body type, these jeans serves multiple styling purposes: 1) they will elongate your legs, 2) define a cinched waste and 3) allow you to display a curvy silhouette. Again with a chunky heel, some classic hoop earrings, and wild hair, I am a 70’s girl in a 2015 city girl world!!!

(A little blury, but you get the idea!)

So now you know some of my tips. What are your favorite ways to blend vintage and vintage inspired pieces with your everyday styling options in your personal way of making vintage pieces new again?


M. Renee

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