Dear NYC Spring: What Do I Wear?!?!

Thick opaque tights have been shed, bare arms are out and about, and gladiator sandals are back on the scene. We are mere days away from the official start of summer and it’s just now finally feeling like springtime in the city…FINIALLY!!! Though the sun is shining and the skies are vibrant and blue, there still remains the lingering chill of winter’s nip in the evening air. With a forecasted high of 75° yet a low of 43°, we find ourselves asking the proverbial question: “What do I wear?”

Mixing styling options from both seasons is the best way to embrace the increasing temperatures during the day while remaining comfortably prepared when the sun sets.

Black Leather Shorts

These may seem like an oxymoron, but I find them to be a go-to staple for managing transitional weather. No matter if you choose the real deal or the vegan friendly option, leather shorts can be easily incorporated into any wardrobe. They will add a touch of sass that can be dressed up or worn in a very laissez faire manner. Because they are such a statement piece, it is best to keep the top simple and easy for a day-to-day look. In the photo a above, I paired a high waisted pair with a chunky knit sweater and sling-back pumps.


Fellow style blogger Annabelle Fleur took another approach by mixing a studded pair with a simple white tank, denim jacket and baseball cap. By adding the strappy sandals to this ensemble, she is giving us a sexy-cool look.

The Cape

Any woman that throws on a cape immediately transform into a style superwoman! It is a perfect outerwear option for when it’s warm, but still a little chilly. This pieces meshes well with everything from dresses to jeans. I paired mine with a “Pretty Woman” inspired sleeveless dress and boots to the knee, sans the tights.

I don't know what my face was doing...

I recently ran into this lovely caped crusader, Kerrie Caldwell-Troutman, at LaGuardia’s baggage claim and had to stop her for a quick pic. I loved how she rocked her travel look by pairing her cape with open toe booties and skinny-distressed jeans. This is the way to travel from New Orleans and New York this time of the year.

Chambray Anything

To me, the only thing better than denim in winter is chambray in spring! It offers a great utilitarian look, but has a lighter feel that’s similar to linen. No matter if it’s a long sleeve shirt, sleeveless dress or pants, this option bodes well this time of the year by providing coverage without being too constrictive.

Check out the hair, definitely a throwback pic of me! Though this picture was taken over 4 years ago, I wore the same dress yesterday with a white/tan striped Seersucker blazer and cognac color boots (sorry no pic today). Chambray is a classic fabric that will always be relevant year after year. It is definitely worth adding the fabric in a few different silhouettes.


Another style blogger, Audrey Tom, mixed chambray with denim for a polished yet casual look. Check out her article on the 7 amazing outfits she created with this one shirt here.

All in all, spring is the ideal time to play with various textures fabrics and layering options. My attempt to try something new this week led me to this teal and navy, chevron striped little number with an oversized sweater and flat chocolate brown knee boots. It was a different look for me, but I felt spring-like, comfortable, and quite SHAGADELIC!!!


M. Renee

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