Building The Framework: The Converse All-Star Sneaker


The All Stars…The Chuck Taylors…The Ragtops…No matter the name you call them; it can unanimously be said that these iconic sneakers are the universal cool kid sneaker. Converse says it best themselves, “we started on the court and got adopted by the street”. Though they were originally created as a basketball sneaker over 100 years ago, it was when rock stars started wearing them in the 60’s that gave birth to the cool. These sneakers have had such longevity because they provide a classic and distinctive look of effortless style. Not only do they offer a classic look, but because there are so many different and unique styles, colors and fabrications, they have the ability to completely transform any outfit.

They can be thrown on with a super feminine tulle skirt to mellow down the look….


Or add a printed pair to sass up a simple dress…


Or even keep it relaxed and faintly masculine like I did with camo printed cargo pants.


Bring out your chic-rocker style by paring with a leather skirt…


Or pair with a basic pant suit.


No matter your personal sense of style, this piece is one that cannot be confined to one style or definition. The Converse All-Star sneaker is the very proof why fashion should not be taken so seriously. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and make it your own!


M. Renee

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