What Jackie Taught Me...

Remember these stylish sneakers from the mid-1990's? Well guess what...


They're BACK!!!

Who knew? Well at least not me…but evidently these 90’s classics are back with a vengeance! How did I learn this? Jackie taught me!



While in a Starbucks on a random Tuesday evening, this interesting young lady sat next to me. The first thing I noticed were her white chunky canvas platform sneaks and I thought to myself, people are wearing these again? I remember wearing them when I was a teenager, but that was 20 years ago. 20 years? That can’t be right…right? It was around the time when Alicia Silverstone was in all the Areosmith’s music videos ( “Cryin” and “Crazy”) and teen girls dressed like extras from “Clueless”. So I Googled the movie and sure enough, according to IMDB it was released in 1995!!!


Once I accepted the fact that my teen years, and all that I loved then, are now considered “vintage”; I gathered my feelings and thought about the overall style of this iconic sneaker. These shoes were so preppy at the time I wore them, but Jackie's style was nothing like that of Dionne or Cher.


On the contrary, Jackie’s style was vastly different. It was an intricate balance of the artistic sass of Pharell mixed with a little of the sweetness of Baby from Dirty Dancing, then topped with an essence of UrbanBushBabes' sense of Afro-punk. Though her look was so far from mine, I really loved it. What I loved most was how comfortable she was in her skin and totally owned her style. She used a trendy item, but incorporated it in a distinctive manner that was all her own. My curiosity was peaked so I sparked a conversation about her shoes and her general sense of style. Here is what I learned:

Name: Jackie

Age: 22

Hometown: Lexington, MA (outside of Boston)

Ethnic Background: Jewish / Guyanese / Caucasian American

Eucation: B.S. in Communications for Fordham University, 2014

View on these sneakers: While planning a trip to the Trillecto music festival, she purchased them on line for $50 or $60 thinking that they would be ideal for comfort. Now they have become a go-to for running earrand or when out and about in the city.


This chance encounter confirmed that fashion trends are truly cyclical, but when they comeback, they comeback harder! They are given a rebirth by the a new generation that fights for uniqueness and screams individuality loudly from their soapbox…all while dawning trends that have been worn by the masses for decades and decades…Isn’t it ironic…Don’t you think?

Thanks for the style inspiration!!!


M. Renee

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