24 Things About M. Renee


1. Halls Of Style is inspired by my mother and her seven sisters. Their maiden name is Hall and taught me everything I know about how to dress.

2. I used to be an awesome dancer. However, I was recently told that I cannot dance well now.

3. My entire apartment has become my closet.

4. I am obsessed with my bike. Her name is Charlie.

Obsessed with Charlie.jpg

5. Weather permitting, I entertain guests on the fire escape.

6. I love French fries. I rarely order them, but am SO happy when someone else at my table does.

7. I quote my father regularly and my brother is my best friend. They will always be my favorite men.

Renee Retouch with fam.jpg

8. Every day I wear an inherited piece of clothing or accessory.

9. I honestly think all men should have facial hair.

10. I have purchased some dresses without the intent of wearing. Because I find them so beautiful, I hang them around my room as art.

11. The ultimate compliment to me is when I am told that I look like my mother when she was my age. I don’t see it, but I think she was/is the prettiest lady I know.

IMG_1396 (2).JPG

12. I wore ruffled socks and Keds almost every school day my junior year in high school. So did my crew and we also had matching jackets.

13. I love to aimlessy frolic.

14. My niece Ellison is my Goddaughter and I am 100% obsessed with her.


15. I collect books from Strand Bookstore. One of my favorite is “In and Out of Vouge” by Grace Mirabella. I have read it three times.

16. My favorite movie is “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” from 1985 staring a young Sarah Jeassica Parker and Helen Hunt before they were who they are. I watched it on VHS almost every day of my childhood.

17. I love to lay out in the summer.

I Lay Out.jpg

18. I am a great cook. But, I can only cook the things that I eat. Being that I am a very finicky eater this means that I cook very few things very well.

19. I think my sister is funny, but for opposite reasons that she thinks she is funny; but she cracks me up.

20. My friends and I started a fitness group called the Harlem Brown Bombers.


21. I write all of my thoughts and ideas in a purple notebook , but only with a purple pen.

22. Music is such an integral part of my life, that I subconsciously have a soundtrack playing in my head at all times.

23. My first dog was a black and white collie named Princess. I taught her to dance on her hind legs and would tell her all of my 8-year old secrets.

24. I love coffee and drink it black with no sugar.



M. Renee

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