The Purposeful Dresser

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Dressing with an individual sense style is a lost art form. So much emphasis is placed on the individual pieces we wear, rather than the collaborative picture. It is this complete picture that is a reflection of the individual and speaks to how we view ourselves in this world. However, in the climate of this world, it is easy to forget that that true style only exists when individuality is accommodated, not when we follow the lead of others. This is the purpose of Halls Of Style.

Let it be noted that I am not suggesting deliberately avoiding popular trends in fashion simply because they are popular. Trends are a fun way to add a little “color” to our attire. It’s when we lean solely to trends that we lose our purpose, our identity. We become one of the many that are all trying to be “on trend”. What I am advocating is that we set ourselves as the primary criterion for what we wear. Everything article of clothing should be purposefully selected based on how it fits, how the color works best with our skin tones, the manner that the fabric drapes the body, and how it blends into the basic functions of our lives.

Becoming a purposeful dresser is not an overnight process. It will take time but when you get it, but the rewards are great. Once you are consciously dressing to your personal style, you will walk with confidence, have productive shopping experiences, and enjoy a wardrobe lacking “orphan” garments that are only worn once…never to be seen again!

On your journey to becoming a purposefully dresser, what steps are you taking to ensure your style shows us who you really are?


M. Renee

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