Unfortunately, the masses of our world lend an interest in clothes to the vain and insecure or to the sheep of celebrities. In my utopia, everyone would share a sincere love and pride in getting dressed. Every day, every outfit is a new opportunity to tell a story. The great stories are unique to the individual that wears the clothes. You do not have to be "into fashion" to understand that the clothes we wear do matter. It defines who we are and is a visual portrayal of our lifestyle. If achieving an authentic personal style is the destination, we should use fashion (past and present) as the vehicle to a great stylish story to tell. So, if great style is the goal, how we achieve it should be declared. In doing so, here is my Style Manifesto....


The greatest compliment is not "I have that ___ too"; but "That ___ is so you."


My home is my closet and reflects my sense of style. I am okay that it is my interpretation of organized chaos.


Today's standard of sexy has become too vulgar for my liking. I enjoying feeling and looking sexy, yet I will do it in a way that demands respect and emcopasses an appropriate level of sophistication.


My clothes will embrace what I love most about my body, being a woman, and always show that I am a lady.


When it comes to personal style, I am a constant work in progress. In lieu of this, I am proud of what I have achieved thus far and will passionately share what I have learned.


My body is my temple. I will take care of it, eat right to fuel it, work out to strengthen it, unconditionally love it,  and dress it well daily.


I need to be comfortable, mentally and physically, in all of my clothes.


I will acquire a collection of clothing that will be timeless and that I can wear the rest of my life; assuming I am the same size forever (though not realistic). If/when I am no longer able to wear any piece, I hope that my daughters and/or nieces will be as excited to inherit these as I was when my mother and aunts passed their favorites to me.


I really love the clothes that I love.


I will do dope shit with my life and look amazing doing it.